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Winning the Stepmom Game: Schedule a Session

headshotIs it time for a new game plan?

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What is WebX/Telephone coaching and how does it work?  Is it as effective as in-person coaching/counseling?

You can receive the benefit of Brenda’s expertise in a 1:1 session from anywhere in the world!  In many ways, internet coaching sessions are no different than in-person ones and are every bit as helpful.  They certainly are more convenient and cost effective.  In the absence of webcam technology, or by personal preference, phone sessions are also a great way to gain insight, improve communication and solve problems.

How does it work?

The logistics are easy:   You contact Brenda at  Once an appointment is set, you will receive an email from WebX that will give specific instructions about how to “join the meeting” that Brenda will create at the appointed time.  You can use the Paypal button on this website to pay for the session; this offers a layer of protection for you as you will not be asked for your credit card number or other banking information.

Who can be involved?

Brenda often does 1:1 work with stepmothers, who are then empowered to create change in their families just by changing their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Brenda also works with couples to shift expectations and improve communication. Through the wonder of technology, sessions can take place with each person in a different place (as long as everybody has their own webcam) which makes scheduling even easier.

What can I expect?

Coaching sessions will help you gain clarity, come up with “action plans” and alleviate any suffering you are experiencing from your current situation.  While unresolved feelings and events from the past have a definite impact, initial focus is placed on the present so you can experience relief from the current stressors by exploring untried solutions. Once your present is going better, you will feel the freedom to explore your feelings in a productive way, and not as part of a never-ending cycle.

As you go through the coaching process, you will become more self-aware and gain insights about your family processes that you didn’t have before.  This will be a first step to change and liberation from old patterns that are no longer helpful. It will also open you up to the ability to generate new solutions, sometimes by simply weeding out what is not working for you.

How long is the process?

Sessions last for approximately 55 minutes and generally take place weekly at the start.  Once progress becomes obvious, it is often helpful to switch to every-other-week sessions so that more life can happen in between our conversations. Once we mutually decide that goals have been met, stepmom and/or stepcouples often continue with monthly “check-in” sessions just to make sure they are staying on the track they want.









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